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Solidarity Capital Group is an impact investment firm that finances economically sustainable social justice enterprises.  We see our mission as:

Creating opportunities for people of faith and goodwill to finance social entrepreneurs serving marginalized people and needs in our community.

Some ways that we go about this include:

  • Identifying visionary management teams who are innovating sustainable business models to address many of our community’s toughest and most persistent social and environmental challenges.  In this we look past entity form – i.e. for-profit or nonprofit – seeking first to understand the intended work and to assess whether and how we can be helpful to further it.
  • Providing social entrepreneurs with a comparable access to capital, strategic counsel, and networks as that available to traditional businesses.
  • Complementing traditional funding sources, especially at the present time when public and philanthropic budgets are retrenching.  In other words, we aim to leverage impact investing as yet another tool to address the present crisis and, even more so, to build a more just and sustainable economy for the future.
  • Focusing on enterprises and communities within a several hours radius of the Triangle region of North Carolina – where we can best leverage our current networks to engage with deep community support.

In summary, we are a place based social justice investment firm aspiring to finance good works where public and private sector funds are retrenching.