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Solidarity Capital Group investors are people and communities of diverse faith and goodwill, including high net worth individual accredited investors and institutional impact investors.

Investment Objectives

We aim to deliver both impactful social returns and compelling risk-adjusted financial returns, in the same class as many traditional alternative investments.  We believe that offering sustainable returns to all stakeholders will help to make it an easier decision for more investors to invest in solidarity for the common good.

Portfolio Objectives

Through our investment process, we build sound, diversified, and affordable offerings that can serve as complementary alternative investment elements of an overall balanced portfolio, to help provide for an investor’s future needs.  Solidarity Capital Fund, for example, issues short-to-medium term senior notes that can provide a positive impact focused, higher yielding alternative to many equivalent duration fixed income offerings in today’s yield-constrained environment.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy leverages both conventional and unique considerations.  We believe that significant segments of the market are increasingly allocating a premium to business models that exemplify social and economic justice.  We also believe that by leveraging the network and expertise of the local faith community, we can provide our portfolio companies with significant added value to “punch above their weight” toward achieving greater impact and advantaged returns.

Investor Engagement

We also aspire to provide an “engaging growth experience” for our investors.  Our portfolios offer people of faith and goodwill a unique opportunity to align more of their significant gifts and resources with their deepest hopes and aspirations for our community and world.  For example, we may be able to offer a vehicle for prudently investing in some of the same (or similarly purposed) organizations that they may already serve in a board, advisory, or philanthropic role – credible, impactful organizations they may already know, touch, and trust in their local community.  Likewise, through investor events and communications, personal touch points, and networking opportunities among peer investors, board members, portfolio company executives and industry and community leaders, we aspire to create a rich community experience: being a part of an important formative, generative, innovative, impactful new social change initiative.  In short – we think folks will find investing with us to be an engaging, productive, and rewarding thing to do!


Above all else, we believe investors will come to find our management team and advisors to be good, wise, capable, committed, trustworthy stewards to keep company with.

Investment Criteria